The human and environmental cost of Big Oil in Bayelsa, Nigeria

About the report

In 1956, Shell drilled Nigeria's first oil well in Bayelsa State. After 60 years of oil extraction, people in Bayelsa feel the human and environmental consequences every day.

This landmark investigation lays out the true cost of Big Oil in Bayelsa State. From surveys by forensic scientists to oil spill data to extensive testimony from communities, it includes overwhelming evidence about the damage and devastation to land, lives and livelihoods.

The demands set out would bring justice to Bayelsa. They would make sure companies like Shell, who are currently prospecting new sites in other parts of Nigeria, in wider Africa or anywhere in the world, do not continue the same abuses.

Worker wearing a yellow hard hat and holding a knife, clearing debris
Appendix 1: Bayelsa State Oil and Environmental Commission Terms of Reference
Appendix 2: The Remit, Composition and Methodology of the Bayelsa State Oil and Environmental Commission
Appendix 3: Statement by Professor Allan Jamieson
Appendix 4: Scientific Study Methodology
Appendix 5: Biographies